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Security Measures

We are committed to ensuring complete safety of your Andhra Bank Credit Card Portal online account. We follow a strong password and online security policy to provide you a safe online experience.

  • We use 256 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to secure your Andhra Bank Credit Card Portal online transactions.

We help you choose a password that is secure and tamper-proof. In the interest of security, we ensure that your password is:

  • a minimum length of eight characters and maximum length of twelve characters
  • a minimum of one alphabet in Lower Case from a-z
  • a minimum of one alphabet in Upper Case from A-Z
  • a minimum of one number from 0-9
  • We allow the use of special characters @ # $ *
  • We make sure that you are not reusing any one of your last three passwords while re-setting your password.
  • We provide a virtual keyboard as an additional security measure and encourage you to use it.
  • Your ANDHRA BANK CREDIT CARD PORTAL online account gets automatically locked to prevent any misuse, if you have typed in an incorrect password 3 times in succession. You can either unlock the account online by generating a One Time Password that would be sent on your registered Mobile Number.
  • The ANDHRA BANK CREDIT CARD PORTAL online account gets automatically logged off after an inactive period of fifteen minutes.
  • When you log in to your ANDHRA BANK CREDIT CARD PORTAL online account, your last log in date and time is displayed in the header bar so you can check your account for any unauthorized activity.
  • We only display the last four digits of your credit card number in our communication to you to safeguard your card from unauthorized usage.
  • We send you a One Time Password (OTP) (Do not share your OTP with anybody) for every activity done in ANDHRA BANK CREDIT CARD PORTAL.
  • Ensure that your mobile number is updated and registered for instant transaction alerts. Check transaction SMS alerts regularly and report disputed transactions immediately.
  • Ensure that you have updated your mobile number, contact address and email ID in our records. Whenever you update or change your mobile number in our records, we send the intimation of the same to your new as well as old number. Please call our 24*7 call center 1800 425 1515 immediately if you have not initiated any such change.